Farm Insurance

Whether it’s a few horses in the backyard or a multi-faceted commercial agricultural operation, the Robertson Agency can tailor an insurance package to protect your property and provide appropriate liability coverage.

Our coverage options range from the Mini-Farm package designed to protect homeowners who might also board a horse or two, sell vegetables from a farm stand, or show animals at county fairs, to products suited for large dairy farms and orchard operations, with hundreds of acres and substantial agricultural equipment values.

If you’re a mini-farmer, your hobby need not jeopardize your financial security. Many homeowner-type policies don’t intend to cover liability arising from injuries caused by farm animals, or liability from the sale of farm products you have grown. A mini-farm package has specific liability coverages for your animals, ag operations, farm stand or hay sales.

If you’re a full time farmer, you’re already well aware of the specialized insurance coverages needed for commercial agricultural. Contrary to popular belief, there’s more than one place to find these important coverages.

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